T1 Card

T1 CardThe T1 Card is the official identification card of Trinity Lutheran College. Issued to all members of the Trinity community, it is required for identification and access to essential campus services. It also offers a convenient account – Eagle Bucks and Campus Cash – for making purchases on and around campus.

Your T1 Card is your key to:

  • Meal Plans – Swipe your card for meals in The Nest.
  • Library – Present your card to check out materials.
  • Campus Access – Use your card to access campus floors in the elevator or stairwells and to enter the campus center after hours.
  • Eagle Bucks and Campus Cash – Make cashless purchases at locations on and off campus.

Your T1 Card is the most important card that you will have at Trinity – vital for accessing campus services. Please carry your card with you at all times. To ensure durability and validity, do not tamper with, punch holes in, or misuse the card and protect it from damage by avoiding magnets.

Need to replace your T1 Card?
Visit the Student Life Center to pick up a T1 Replacement form.

How to use the accounts on your card

The T1 Card enables students to access three separate accounts: Eagle Bucks, Meal Plans, and Campus Cash. Each account must be funded prior to use and has unique rules for acceptance and the rollover of funds (see the summary chart below).

  • Campus Cash: Campus Cash is a prepaid spending account offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases on and off campus. It is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash. You or your parents must make a deposit to Campus Cash prior to using it for purchases. Value in Campus Cash rolls over every semester and year for as long as you are a member of the Trinity Lutheran College Community.
  • Meal Plan: Students who purchase a meal plan have meal access at The Nest on campus for the specified number of meals on their plan plus Eagle Bucks. Students* living on-campus or off campus may choose to purchase a meal plan for a specific number of meals per week or semester plus Eagle Bucks. *See Meal Plans for details and students who are required to purchase a plan.
  • Eagle Bucks: All students with a metal meal plan (platinum, gold or silver) have meal access at The Nest plus Eagle Bucks which can be used just like Campus Cash. Eagle Bucks that are included on your meal plan roll over from semester to semester, but not year to year. To learn more about Meal Plans, click here.
How it Works
Roll Over

Eagle Bucks
The Nest
Corner Store
Off Campus Restaurants
Amount of purchase price deducted
Roll over from semester to semester but not year to year

Meal Plan
The Nest
One meal deducted per swipe
Valid during the semester in which it is purchased. Meals must be used either in the week or semester purchased, depending on plan.

Campus Cash
The Nest
Corner Store
Off Campus Restaurants
Amount of purchase price deducted
Roll over from semester to semester, year to year