Certificate in Biblical Studies

A one-year undergraduate certificate program

Grow in Christ through an Education for Life!

Strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ by biblically-grounding your faith! This one-year program will help you understand why you believe what you believe. If you’re like most, you’ll have five careers in your lifetime—so invest one year in an Education for Life.

In any college, you will grow intellectually and relationally, but what about spiritually? This program focuses on holistic discipleship, by strengthening head (informed faith), heart (passionate faith), and hands (active faith).This is an opportunity to move beyond the faith of your childhood and into a more mature faith as an adult, while earning credits which are accredited and transferable into programs with similar requirements.

Grow in Christ by:
  • Studying God’s Word;
  • Earning accredited Bible credits;
  • Engaging in spiritual formation with your year-long small group, facilitated by a faculty member;
Earn transferable college credits by:
  • Taking college writing or other courses to transfer to a bachelor’s degree elsewhere. Credits are accepted into programs with similar requirements.
  • If you find a college home at Trinity, your credits ALL apply to a bachelor’s degree here.
Belong in a Christ-centered community:
  • A college where everybody knows your name!
  • This is a great place to launch your future!
Save money!
  • Trinity has one of the lowest tuition rates of any private college in Washington state.

Certificate in Biblical Studies required courses:

RELI 101 Faith and Discipleship: Mark and Global Missions [4 credits]
RELI 103 Altar and Street: Psalms, Amos, I John, and James [4 credits]
RELI 102 Vocation and Formation I & II [2 credits each]
RELI 106 Service Learning Practicum [1 credits]
ENGL 101 English Composition [4 credits]


Perhaps there is a divine reason that you or someone you know hasn’t made a college choice yet! For more information, contact Jan Fekkes, Interim Professor & Co-Chair of Biblical Studies at Jan.Fekkes@TLC.edu.