Certificate of Professional Studies

Certificate of Professional Studies

The Certificate of Professional Studies (CPS) is designed as a continuing education opportunity for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree. By combining courses in biblical studies and professional studies in a specialized field, students strengthen their personal faith and increase skills for professional leadership. Students create their program of study with the assistance of a faculty advisor, giving consideration to a student’s personal interests and individual academic goals.

The CPS is not a degree, but certifies that a student has completed academic study in a professional field. Courses are accredited and appear on a student’s transcript as undergraduate credits. The program can be completed as a full-time student in one year (two semesters), or may be completed on a part-time basis.

Trinity offers a Certificate of Professional Studies in these four areas:

Biblical Studies

The CPS in Biblical Studies is designed for those who desire focused study of the bible and Christian theology for the purpose of personal enrichment or preparation for professional Christian ministry.

Requirements: 30 credits total, including 20 credits of biblical studies, theology, or biblical languages, 2 credits of Service Learning Practicum, and at least 8 elective credits.

Children, Youth & Family Studies

The CPS in Children, Youth & Family Studies specifically prepares students to lead programs for children, youth and families in churches, camps, parachurch organizations, social service agencies, or other nonprofit organizations.

Requirements: 30 credits total, including 10 credits in biblical studies or theology, 16 credits in children, youth, and family studies, and a 4 credit practicum.

Early Childhood Education

The CPS in Early Childhood Education specifically prepares students to apply skills in teaching or administration to a preschool or childcare center. Courses cover topics such as early childhood development, teaching methods, and administration.

Requirements: 34 credits total, including 10 credits in biblical studies or theology, 18 credits in early childhood education, and at least 6 elective credits.

Intercultural Studies

The CPS in Intercultural Studiesprovides students with the opportunity to receive focused training in Intercultural Studies, urban missions, or global missions in preparation for work in churches, agencies, outreach ministries, or international mission organizations. Click here for more details.

Requirements: 30 credits total, including at least 8 credits in biblical studies or theology, 12 credits in Global & Intercultural Studies, a 4 credit practicum, and at least 6 elective credits.