The Trinity CRUX

Central to our college is the “Common Conversation,” an invitation to robust discussions where faith and reason intersect. At Trinity, we engage faithful methods of inquiry and critical thinking in order to authentically engage the world.

At the center of the curriculum for the Common Conversation are CRUX courses—based on biblical and historical texts—and general education courses (such as math, natural and behavioral science, English composition, communication, and the arts). With general education and biblical texts integrated in a Trinity education, we provide opportunities for students to: 1) know the world, 2) explore the Christian worldview, and 3) serve others.

Learning Outcomes

Beyond developing the mind—which is central for all academic institutions—Trinity’s distinctive is holistic, transformational learning. Thus, our learning outcomes are not just cognitive but also affective, and behavioral.

  1. Students have a broad understanding of the biblical narrative that emerges from Scripture.
  2. Students are able to articulate a personal, informed response, regarding the biblical texts and the mission of God.
  3. Students can apply biblical themes to practical, contemporary, and global issues.
  4. Students are prepared for a lifelong journey of vocational discernment through spiritual practices and faith formation.

Students are equipped for a life of servant-leadership, which is discerning, holistic, and modeled by Jesus Christ.

For details regarding the CRUX coursework please see the Course Catalog.