Epic Term: Experiential, Purposeful, Innovative & Creative

What is EPIC term?

EPIC term, one of the hallmarks of a Trinity education, is an intensive five-week block term when students take only ONE course. EPIC courses uniquely blend on-campus and off-campus experiences in a way that is innovative and often profoundly life changing for students.

What makes EPIC term so great?

  1. Focus on just ONE class. During EPIC term, you get to put all your energy into one topic, something that a regular term doesn’t normally let you do. The pace changes, and you have time to really dig in—to ask big questions and to be shaped and changed as you learn.

  2. Your classroom is the world, literally. EPIC courses at Trinity are, by nature, experiential and immersive, so you get to leave campus and do your learning in the real world. Go somewhere you’ve never dreamed of and gain experiences you couldn’t have in the classroom alone.

  3. Make connections. At Trinity we believe that outcomes matter. EPIC classes give you an opportunity to see the world for yourself, and to build real-world skills that lead to internships and jobs.

Students who participate in EPIC term pay a program fee, which depends on the course and travel expectations, and a very reduced tuition. In fact, tuition for EPIC courses is discounted 85% from regular tuition at Trinity.

What Can I Study?

Here are some of the courses being offered during 2015:

Arts in the Northwest
Students taking this art course will have an opportunity to engage deeply in the creation and enjoyment of art from the Northwest. For three weeks, students receive open access to the Schack Art Center, one of Trinity’s community partners, where they will study glass blowing or ceramics. Also included are guided tours at premier Northwest art galleries and museums.

Career Development Planning: “Oh the Places You'll Go!”
Achieve personal growth while facing the unique challenges of managing your career development. Students in this course create a personal development program, learn to understand the job market, gain insight on motivation strategies, communication styles, leadership attributes, cover letter and resume writing, job interviewing strategies, and follow-up with organizations after the job interview. Included in this course are several trips to local premiere businesses and companies with the opportunity to make professional connections and gain real-world job skills.

Creative Writing in the Pacific Northwest
Students dig deep into the genre of creative writing, focusing particularly on fiction and creative nonfiction. Included in this course are several daylong trips meant to inspire writing technique and character development, as well as an overnight writer’s retreat in the woods where writers receive feedback on their work and continue to hone their own creative process.

Personal Finance
This course prepares students for a lifetime of worthwhile personal financial planning. The tools learned are useful, realistic, and easy to work into a regular financial routine. Gain control over finances. Learn to create and use a budget, borrow and invest wisely, make intelligent decisions about insurance, and plan for a solid financial future.

CREAR Mission in Mexico
This is an experiential learning course in Mexico, following the method of “people’s education” and moving through a process of ver-pensar-actuar (see-think-act). It begins with engagement in the reality (to see) of people’s lives most especially those living on the margins. It then critically examines the root causes of poverty and injustice (to think). Then it explores the consequences of: loss of food sovereignty, migration to the north, and increased militarization. It then motivates (to act) participants to return home as more active agents in creating solidarity with people’s movements in Latin America as well as their local settings.

Intermediate Skiing
A wilderness experience like no other, students in this course will enjoy a month of skiing, gaining an appreciation of mountain aesthetics and spending time outdoors in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.