January Term

What is January Term?

January Term (J-Term) offers an exciting four-week term in the middle of the school year to discover and explore. Courses are offered in a variety of formats, including international study tours, regional trips, or solely on-campus courses that often include field trips.

Most classes are small (generally 10-15 students), allowing a unique connection among students and professors. Whether traveling in Europe or Africa, to the mountains or to the ocean, or staying close to Seattle, students will witness first-hand the excitement of professors who teach creative and exciting courses in the areas of their passions and interests.

International and Domestic Travel Courses

A key part of a Trinity education is the hands-on learning we experience around the world during our January Term study trips. Our travel courses can open up your education in ways that books or lectures can’t. We believe that cross-cultural travel is so vital to your education that we’ll help pay your way. Incoming students are eligible for a travel stipend paid for by the school

Visit TLC.edu/jtermguidelines for detailed guidelines about eligibility and information about the application process.

January Term Funded Travel and Travel Stipends

The following guidelines apply to current and future Trinity students interested in traveling during January Term.

January Term travel paid for by Trinity (“funded travel”) is available to students who started at Trinity in Fall 2012, Spring 2013 and Fall 2013.

For eligible students, “funded travel” means the college will pay for tuition, airfare from Seattle and lodging. Meals and all other expenses while traveling (including meals, airport shuttle, local transportation and personal items) are the responsibility of the student.

Students who begin at Trinity Spring 2014 and after may make application for a travel stipend, which should cover most costs associated with airfare and lodging. For international trips, this stipend is $2500. For domestic trips, this stipend is $1250. Students must pay for the remainder of their travel expenses (including meals) on their own. Tuition is covered by the college.

Students who started at Trinity Spring 2012 or prior are not eligible for funded January Term travel, since that benefit was not available to incoming students at that time. Those students are responsible to pay for travel costs on their own. However, they are still eligible for free tuition during January term.

Spring 2012 or prior
Not eligible for funded travel or travel stipend

Fall 2012
Eligible to apply for funded travel (details above)

Spring 2013
Eligible to apply for funded travel (details above)

Fall 2013
Eligible to apply for funded travel (details above)

Spring 2014 or after
Eligible to apply for travel stipend (details above)

Visit http://www.TLC.edu/jtermguidelines/index.html for detailed guidelines about eligibility and information about the application process. Talk with your faculty adviser or the Academic Dean if you have questions.

Please note there is an application process for January Term travel trips as well as a limited number of slots available for funded travel and travel stipends for each trip. Talk with the trip’s faculty leader for more information.