Students and the Library


The library supports the curriculum and the faculty of Trinity Lutheran College. However, above all else, we exist for students. We have books, journals, computers, and various other tools of learning; our focus however is on the students and especially their hearts and minds, their growth in biblical study and the liberal arts, and their transformation as a result of our school and library.

1. Students and the library – Focus
We focus on students and your learning by the use of your own mind.

2. Students and the philosophy of the library - Freedom
Students have academic freedom to ask the questions of the Great Conversation: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? We work toward shared inquiry as students ask and explore these questions.

3. Students and the resources of the library – Facilities
The tools of learning:
Circulating Collection – Lower Level
Reference Assistance – 4th Floor
Reference Collection – 4th Floor
Online Collection – 4th Floor, Currently over 7000 Online Journals
Writing and Tutoring Center
Trinity Classics

4. Students and the staff of the library – Function
Knowing and Teaching the tools of learning

Involvement through shared inquiry with student’s discovery, research, and learning is the privilege of library staff. Recognizing that your mind is the principal cause of all learning, our joy is in being a facilitator and one who cooperates with your learning process. In this way we engage in shared inquiry.

We trust that these statements will encourage students to share in the joy of discovery and the joy of freedom in their time in the library of Trinity Lutheran College.