Registrar's Office


Registration is complete when all forms have been filed with the Registrar and financial arrangements have been made. Circumstances may alter Trinity’s ability to provide certain educational experiences, and Trinity reserves the right to discontinue any course or program without prior notice. As a general rule, an enrollment of seven students is required to offer an elective course.

Changes in Registration

Students may make changes in their registration during a specified Drop-Add Period at the beginning of each term. After the last day to Drop/Add, courses may not be added. Students may change sections of a course by arrangement with the instructor and notification to the Registrar. Students dropping courses after the last day to withdraw will receive grades of “W” (withdrawal). Students are cautioned to maintain 12 credits for maintaining financial aid.

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Unofficial transcripts are free and can be accessed through Populi. If you do not have a Populi login please follow the instructions for the Official Transcript request.

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Student Class Standing

Freshman: 0-29 earned credits including transfer credits

Sophomore: 30-59 earned credits including transfer credits

Junior: 60-89 earned credits including transfer credits

Senior: 90 or more earned credits including transfer credits
Note: Senior status does not necessarily ensure graduation with that class.

Finals Schedule

Finals will be held during regularly scheduled class times as indicated in your course syllabus.