Alumni News


Greetings to the alumni of this wonderful institution. As I write this, I'm in the midst of completing my fourth week "on the job" with Trinity Lutheran College as Vice President of Institutional Advancement. I must say, this is an exciting place to be.

The lineage of LBI to what is now Trinity Lutheran College goes back quite a ways for me. Growing up in north Seattle in the 1960s and 70s, thinking of the campus on Greenwood and 130th brings back many memories as our family would often drive by it and I'd think, "I wonder what they do there?" During my high school years in the later 1970s, I'd drive by the campus daily to and from school....and our football team did our summer conditioning running on the grassy, sloped hillside on campus that ran down toward Bitter Lake.

Today, I consider it a privilege to be part of this terrific school, with our focus on Christ-centered, biblical teaching and encouraging students to seek a life of service in whatever profession God leads them to locally, nationally or around the world. A bonus is that we get to live that mission in the midst of this urban setting in Everett. In my short time here it's been so encouraging to see how the community has embraced this school and how our students, faculty and staff engage with the surrounding community.

As an alumnus, I hope you feel the "connected-ness" to Trinity that we strive for. It's important. You are part of this great work. We hope you feel that, whether you attended when we were known as LBI or as Trinity. If you don't, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you and understand how we can better include you in this wonderful outreach to empower students for a life of serving Christ.

In Christ,

Kelly Miller
Vice-President for Institutional Advancement | 425.249.4749

From my heart to yours

Hello, new friends. I can't wait to meet you all. I have been given the privilege to serve you, the Lutheran Bible Institute and Trinity Lutheran College alumni, and I can't begin to tell you how much of a joy that is to me. Thank you for creating this opportunity.

My history may be short, but it is not without content. After moving around the country in a military household, attending both the University of Washington and Oklahoma Christian University, I have found myself in the midst of the folks at this wonderful college.

I share many commonalities with a number of you, as our "home" has changed its address a time or two. More importantly, however, we share the love of this school and the commitment it has to our students and to the Lord. As you and I get to know each other, I look forward to seeing how Trinity can better serve you. You each have an amazing story to tell, and we want to hear it. I ask that you help us as we make some changes here on campus, as your input is important to me. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. If you're able to do so, come and check out what is happening on campus - God is doing amazing things here.

I am excited to begin this adventure with you as we grow closer to each other and closer to the Lord.

Blessings and prayers,

Aimee Furrie
Development and Alumni Relations Assistant | 425.249.4758

Trinity welcomes 102 new students to campus

Trinity Lutheran College kicked off its 71st academic year by welcoming 102 new students to campus, the largest incoming class for the college in its current home in Everett.

With a nearly 13% enrollment growth from last academic year, Trinity's total enrollment is 225 students. The college continues its multi-year growth trend, showing a 30% increase in enrolled students over the past three years. Click here to continue reading.

Ryan Torma hired as Professor & Chair of Graphic Design & Visual Communications

Academic Dean Michael DeLashmutt is pleased to announce that Ryan Torma has been hired as Professor & Chair of Graphic Design & Visual Communications and Associate Dean of Learning Design and Technology.

In his role as professor and chair, Torma will teach courses in graphic design, web design, photography, and faith and visual culture.

Click here to continue reading.

New Computer Information Systems Chair announced

Adding to its already growing Bachelor of Science program in Computer Information Systems, Trinity Lutheran College is pleased to announce the hire of Dr. Mario Guimaraes as program chair and professor of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department.

Guimaraes comes to Everett from Zayed University in Dubai. He was formerly professor at both Texas A & M University and Kenesaw State University in Georgia. He has teaching, industry and research experience in human computer interaction, databases, programming and data mining. Click here to continue reading.