Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies at Trinity

Examine. Question. Believe.

Biblical Studies gives you an outstanding engagement of interpretive methods in the Old and New Testaments, while informed by philosophy, history, theology and World Christianity.

Our approach holds that the Bible is Scripture, which means it is authoritative for our life and faith, not just a field of study. We hold in tension the orthodox interpretations of the Church with the methods of scholarly research for meaningful application for life and ministry. The conversations are honest and challenging, while still faithful. At Trinity you’ll grow in Christ and biblically-ground your faith to be empowered for Christ-centered service.

What makes it distinct?

Small, seminar-style classes provide a supportive but challenging academic environment where students and professors engage big questions and value learning from each other. Both biblical Greek and Hebrew are offered, and several courses integrate leading Bible study software for robust research.

Focus on one of three areas of emphasis:
  • Biblical Languages
  • Old and New Testaments
  • Pre-Seminary Studies
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