Biblical Studies


What is it?

Biblical Studies gives you an outstanding background in the Old and New Testaments and exposes you to philosophy, history and interpretation methods. By tackling these subjects in depth, you will develop strong critical thinking, writing and research skills.

Our approach holds that the Bible is Scripture, which means it is authoritative for our life and faith, not just a field of study. Then, we hold in tension the orthodox interpretations of the Church with the methods of scholarly research for meaningful application for life and ministry. The conversations are honest and challenging, while still faithful.

At Trinity you’ll grow in Christ and biblically-ground your faith to be empowered for Christ-centered service. Throughout your studies, you will be encouraged and challenged to grow in your faith and use your understanding of Scripture to teach and serve others.

Biblical Studies at Trinity

Our Trinity Crux and Biblical Studies major will ground you in the living Word of God for your life—intentionally integrating your head (faith seeking understanding), heart (worship and devotion), and hands (ministry in God’s world).

What degree will I get?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biblical Studies

What can I do with it?

Enter seminary. Become a missionary. Work in a non-profit.  Write about spiritual or faith issues.  Start a ministry.  Pursue graduate school. Work in any field that is a match for a solid liberal-arts education.  (Please note that some churches and ministries may require additional graduate study or professional training.)

Program Faculty

Faculty in the Biblical Studies department combine a commitment to scholarship with a passion for challenging students to discover a deeper meaning and personal transformation through God’s self-revelation. We invite you to encounter Jesus Christ, as revealed by Scripture, as we wrestle together with the ancient biblical texts for “faith seeking understanding” (phrase coined by Anselm of Canterbury, c. 1033-1109). Click here to meet your professors (and “wrestling coaches”) and department head Beth Elness-Hanson.

Resume-building internships:

The Biblical Studies major doesn’t require internships, but you will engage in a Biblical Studies Practicum. Previously students have led Bible studies in churches or researched and prepared scholarly papers to present at academic conferences and for local pastors.