Computer Information Systems


What is it?

A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems is an interdisciplinary degree in which students master the processing of information and navigate its ethical implications on society. The degree is taught from the perspective of human-centered design, also known as Informatics.

In this program, students will:

  • Understand the foundations and applications of information systems
  • Understand database architecture, tools, analytics, and structure
  • Perform data analysis to increase access
  • Understand the complex relationship between technology and culture

Computer Information Systems at Trinity

Computer Information Systems majors at Trinity will study information and the way it intersects with both people and social systems. In other words, it is the application of computing to solve problems within the human context.

An important component to our program is that it integrates both technological and social perspectives in the study of information. At Trinity, we have an interdisciplinary approach to teaching Computer Information Systems: you will receive in-depth training in computer programming, mathematics and statistics along with ethics and the social sciences. Students will participate in projects in the community in addition to a capstone internship.

What degree will I get?

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Information Systems

What can I do with it?

Professionals with an Computer Information Systems degree help design and manage new information technology tools for scientific, business and cultural needs. What sets Trinity’s CIS program apart from other schools is its emphasis on ethics and the human aspect and implications of data. The program also seeks to help graduates be flexible, up-to-date, and able to adapt, making them great assets for any number of potential employers.

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Sample jobs with an Computer Information Systems degree:

Health Care Data Analyst
Assist with and contribute to the design, development and execution of a hospital’s informatics program, with a focus on capturing, analyzing and leveraging critical patient and financial data that will be used to positively impact care outcomes, cost and value for patients.

Operations Research Analyst for Travel Company
Analyze data, develop optimization models, create simulations, improve systems and generally conduct statistical and operations research analyses for a travel company, considering potential client needs.

Manager of Education, Communication and Support
Manage a team of supervisors and informatics business analysts engaged in education and support. Plan, develop and facilitate implementation of a broad range of education and support programs and learning opportunities to ensure that staff is competent to use technology tools to perform job opportunities.

Senior User Experience Designer for Game Commerce
Enable developers to take big data and manipulate it into actionable information. Whether designing insightful new reports, or creating innovative experiences that help both developers and end customers, drive the process from research to delivery.

Medical Technologist
Contracts Administrator
Safety Data Manager


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