Communications at Trinity

Communications at Trinity

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What makes it distinct?

An energetic team of skilled faculty teach courses in Trinity’s Communications major. Each student receives a solid foundation in theories of communication and is also mentored into internships and jobs during and after graduation. Communications graduates leave with an impressive toolbox of skills including writing, speaking and digitizing—relevant to successful careers in the current marketplace.

Communications majors can specialize in one of four areas:

Communications: A generalist degree covering a wide variety of areas. Students can design their own major selecting from a menu of courses.

Digital Design: A degree focusing on creating and disseminating messages in digital arenas.

Public Relations & Marketing: A degree training students in advocacy for profit and non-profit organizations leading to jobs such as public relations officer.

Rhetoric: A degree that is heavy in both theory and application of the study of Communications. Many students who select this track plan to apply to graduate school.

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