What is it?

Communications is the study of how human beings communicate—through speech, the written word, and new media. As a Communications major you will study communications theory and research methods, but you will also develop strong writing and oral communication skills and learn how companies, politicians, non-profit organizations and even churches disseminate their messages.

Communications at Trinity

The Communications program allows you to specialize in one of three tracks:

    Communications—This  track allows you to customize your degree by choosing classes in the other tracks or picking from the list of Communications electives that includes topics such as “Health Communication,” “Rhetorical Criticism” and “Intercultural Communication.”

    Public Relations and Marketing—This track gives you a strong background in persuasive communications and is excellent preparation for careers in advertising, sales, corporate or non-profit marketing.

    Rhetoric – This track introduces you to the time honored rhetorical tradition and is excellent preparation for careers in the academy, politics, and ministry.

What degree will I get?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications

What can I do with it?

Market your company, organization or church. Work in the front office of a professional sports organization. Write and develop website content. Work as a communications consultant. Become a journalist. Make documentaries. Become a film critic. Attend graduate or law school. Become a speechwriter. Start a public relations company. Produce newsletters. Champion a cause. Start a social movement.

Program Faculty

Professors in Communications all have “real world” experience working in the courses that they teach. Our faculty provide students in each class with a strategic balance of theoretical and applied knowledge equipping graduates with an expansive toolbox of communication skills. Click here to learn more about our faculty or department head Dr. David Schulz.

Resume-building internships:
  • Everett Symphony
  • YMCA
  • Right Seed Technology
  • Compound Recording Studio
  • Everett Herald
  • Salvation Army
  • United Samaritan
  • Everett Aqua Sox
  • Everett Silver Tips
  • Mayor’s office