Commuter Students

Connecting with the Community

We know commuter students are juggling a lot, including involvement on campus and making a place for themselves academically and socially. Connecting to campus life can be challenging, and if not successfully addressed, leave a commuter student feeling isolated from the rest of the campus. However, campus life is not just for residential students. Commuter students and their families are always welcome to attend all campus-hosted activities and events. Make sure to keep yourself up-to-date on events by checking your Trinity email, reading campus posters and flyers, and talking to student leaders. 


It is VERY important for you to be a part of Orientation. During Orientation you will complete your check-in paperwork, writing assessment test, get your student ID card, learn how to use campus technology, learn about campus parking and more. Orientation is also a great time to get to know the campus, your fellow students, faculty and staff.

Resources for Commuter Students

Lockers and Refrigerators: Lockers are provided to commuter students free of charge. Lockers can be checked out through the Director of Community Life. The lockers are located on the Lower Level. Students also have access to a refrigerator and TV. This area is available to any student for use, but commuter students will have first priority.

Commuter Lounge: Commuter students are encouraged to use the space on the lower level (below the bookstore) for studying, relaxing and hanging out between class. A TV and gaming tables are also located in the lower level and are available for student use during non-class hours.

Access to On-Campus Facilities: One studio apartment in the Trinity Apartments will be available to commuter students in case of illness. The apartment is not available for overnight use. A key may be checked out from the Director of Community Life or the Dean of Students.

Parking at the Campus Center: Parking is available in the garage adjacent to the Campus Center. Students may purchase a semester pass for $150 through the Student Accounts Office. Short-term street-level parking (60 or 90 minutes) is available around the Campus Center.