The Nest Food Services

Our meal plans provide access to breakfast and lunch service at The Nest, our on-campus dining facility. Metal meal plans also include a balance of Eagle Bucks that can be used at the Corner Store on campus as well as at participating local restaurants.

Meal Plans

Platinum Plan
First year students living in the Trinity Apartments must be on this plan.
10 meals on campus per week, 400 Eagle Bucks

Gold Plan
Sophomores living in the Trinity Apartments must be on this plan or the Platinum Plan.
5 meals on campus per week, 400 Eagle Bucks

Silver Plan
3 meals on campus per week 200 Eagle Bucks

Block Plans
 25 meals/semester
 25 soup & salad/semester
 10 meals/semester
 10 soup & salad/semester

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How does each plan work?

There are 2 components to some plan – Meals and Eagle Bucks.

Meals can be used for a meal in The Nest, our on-campus dining facility. A student uses one meal each time they enter The Nest. However, each plan allows the student to use their Meals a little differently...

Metal Meal plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver) allow access to The Nest during any 10, 5 or 3 meal periods between Monday breakfast and Friday lunch. Every Monday morning, the balance of meals is reset back to 10 or 5 or 3 meals to use for the upcoming week. Be advised...any unused meals remaining after Friday lunch will be forfeited when Monday breakfast rolls around.

Block plans offer a balance of meals which can be redeemed over the course of the entire semester. In other words, a student could use 5 meals one week and 3 meals the next until the balance of meals has been used. 

Eagle Bucks are included in the Metal Meal plans. Eagle Bucks can be used at the Corner Store on campus, and can be used at local participating restaurants. Eagle Bucks work just like a personal debit card. As purchases are made, the Eagle Buck balance declines. 

Guidelines for selecting and using meal plans:

Requirements: First year students who required to live on campus are required to have a Platinum Meal plan. Sophomore students who are required to live on campus are required to have at least a Gold Meal plan.

Annual Contract: Meal plans are based on an annual contract allocated and billed semesterly. A Fall meal plan holder is therefore automatically enrolled for the same meal plan in the Spring.

Voluntary Students: A student who lives off campus or commuting or upper class students living on campus are not required to select a meal plan. All  students are encouraged to consider purchasing a meal plan to supplement their dining needs whether they live on campus or off campus. The combination of convenience, flexibility and value provide students one less thing to be concerned about during their busy days.

Choice and Changes: Students who purchase a meal plan must ensure that they have chosen the appropriate plan option upon signing up for the meal plan. No changes can be made to a plan once a meal plan choice has been submitted.

Unused Eagle Bucks: All unused Eagle Bucks from Meal plans rolls over to the spring semester but not to the next academic year.

Multiple Swipes and Guests: Block plans are the only meal plan options that allow multiple swipes for friends and guests. Eagle Bucks can also be used for visiting friends and guests to gain access to The Nest.