Campus Technology

Campus Technology


Students will be provided with a Trinity email account in this format: This is a Trinity Gmail account and students will be able to access this email by logging in at

The default email password is your student ID (case sensitive). You are strongly advised to reset your password at first login. If you have forgotten your password or have any other issues, contact IT services at 425.244.1735, 425.249.4732, or

Your Trinity email will be the PRIMARY way you will receive information from the college. Your professors will contact you with this email address when sending class assignments, updates or cancellations. Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Student Life and the Registrar will all send important information to you through this address. Please check it frequently to keep up-to-date!


Students use Populi to register for classes, find course syllabi, purchase text books, see their student account, complete course evaluations and get their grades. Students can access Populi from the link

To log in, your user name is your Trinity email account. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be given to you by your academic advisor when you register for class for the first time. You may change the pin once you access the system the first time.

Computer Workstations

Students have access to computers in the 3rd floor computer lab, the 4th floor library, and the 5th visual communication lab. These computers do not allow you to save personal data directly to them, so please bring your own thumb drive or use cloud storage, such as Google Drive, which is one of the services provided through your Trinity Google Apps account.

Wireless Internet

Students have access to wireless internet both in the Trinity Apartments and the Campus Center. All wireless cards are compatible with our network. To access, select a wireless network ID - "TLC Apartments" in the Apartment or "TLC Student" in the Campus Center - in the wireless network setup of your computer. When accessing the wireless for the first time, you have to input an access code, which will be given at Orientation.

Printing and Copying

Campus printers currently do not support wireless printing. You must open documents on a computer workstation to access printing. Students have 200 free pages of printing or copying per year. Once your 200 pages have been used, you will have to purchase more through the Student Accounts office.

To check your printing account visit and login with your Student ID number.

Students may only use the printer/copier in the Library (4th floor). The 3rd floor printer/copier is for staff and faculty use only.

Technology Support

The IT staff can be reached during office hours at 425.244.1735 or 425.249.4732.
Students can email questions or technology needs to or text questions to 425.244.1735.