Children, Youth & Family Studies

Children, Youth & Family Studies at Trinity

Ministry. Service. Outreach. Leadership.

Through engaging classes and hands-on experience, the Children, Youth & Family Studies program gives you knowledge and skills to work with children, youth, and adults in settings that range from churches and camps to social service agencies and non-profit organizations.

Relevant classes, practical skills

You will study emerging trends and contemporary research, human lifespan development, family systems, interpersonal and relational skills, program planning and administration, and best practices for working with children and youth – all from a rich Christian faith perspective. Our classes are interactive, conversational and project-based, so you can immediately apply your learning to your academic and professional goals.

You’ll gain practical experience through practicum and internship courses – accumulating up to 700 hours of valuable learning experience. You can also hone skills in program planning through participation in the Holden Youth Weekends, a high school youth event led by Trinity students.

Explore your own interests

Throughout your program of study, professors will work with you to tailor classes to meet your unique interests, such as youth ministry, children’s ministry, community social services, outdoor leadership, or nonprofit leadership. This means you can adapt assignments and projects to what you’re most interested in learning about.

Prepare for a professional career

Become a youth ministry director in a church. Run programs at a camp. Become a case manager or agency program director. Work in a community nonprofit. Direct a children’s ministry program. Work in an educational support role in a school. Pursue graduate studies or seminary to become a counselor, teacher, social worker or pastor. Our graduates serve in a variety of positions that impact children, youth and families.

As you finish the program, professors will help you prepare for life beyond college by coaching you in creating a resume, preparing for interviews, finding jobs or applying to graduate school.

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