Early Childhood Education at Trinity

Experience. Learn. Lead.
  • Hands-on field experience throughout the program, culminating in a 400-hour resume-building internship
  • The development of planning skills, leading to high-quality teaching and learning
  • Emphasis on the connection between developmental theories and practical application in a classroom
  • Intentional study of children’s spiritual development and the child’s connection to nature
What makes it distinct?

Trinity’s Early Childhood Education Program is an international leader in outdoor natural play for children. Our Acorn Learning Center provides an on-campus learning laboratory for students to practice what they learn in the classroom. In addition, students in the program travel internationally (most recently to Scotland) to study with leading international experts in early learning and child development.

Acorn Learning Center: A learning laboratory right here on campus

One of the benefits to studying Early Childhood Education at Trinity is the ability to experience first-hand an urban-nature preschool right here on campus. Here students:

  • Create real-life projects from their classes, implemented by the preschool staff.
  • Serve as interns, learning about child development in a laboratory setting.
  • Participate in the design of learning spaces for children, including Trinity’s Rooftop Garden, part of the learning center.
  • Watch and engage with children as they learn through play.
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