Church Relations

The Office of Church Relations strengthens the college’s ties with congregations and church-related institutions, and promotes the college's resources which are available to local churches and organizations. For more information about the resources below please email

Resources available

An Overview of Trinity
“Trinity Today: Far From Ordinary” is a presentation from a College faculty or staff member about the life and ministry of the college.

Trinity Choir & Music
The choir is available four times each academic year to provide music leadership in a local congregation. The Trinity Choir also presents concerts on campus each winter and spring. The Touring Ensemble and worship band are also available.

The college president is available for presentations about the life of the college or for “Sundays with the President.”

College faculty are available to lead workshops, teach classes, or preach at worship services. Invite them to speak at adult forums, congregational retreats, Church Council briefings, or other enrichment events. Find resource persons from the Trinity Speakers Bureau.

Requesting a Staff Person or Team

Availability of each team or staff person changes with the current academic schedule. All presentations need to be scheduled with necessary lead time to work with your staff in detail planning. Contact the college for information about availability and honorariums.