Trinity graduates serve our global community

Kyle and familyKyle Williams (’12) graduated from Trinity with a degree in Psychology in May 2012 and began a master’s program in psychology at Central Washington University this past September. Kyle and his wife Katrina have just been endorsed to serve in partnership with the Baptist Community of Congo at the Pastoral Institute of Kikongo. Their four children will accompany them on this adventure.

In Kikongo, Kyle and Katrina will assist with the training of pastors and their spouses in theology, literacy and church and rural development. Prior to studying at Trinity, Kyle and Katrina spent 10 months in Nicaragua, where Kyle worked with youth and in micro financing.

Kyle’s education at Trinity has prepared him well both for graduate school and for his work in global missions. Mentorships with faculty like Dr. Betsi Little, Professor & Chair of Psychology, have been instrumental in cultivating his knowledge and passion for his field. Also, fueled by his love for creation, Kyle has spent the past year studying the psychology of animals with an emphasis on primates, working many hours at CWU’s Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute.

In addition to his skills in the field of psychology, Trinity also helped Kyle even more clearly define his own sense of vocation and call, deepening his desire to put his gifts and his faith into action in the world.

“To reach the point of wanting to go to Congo has not taken any special kind of courage other than to get serious about what Christ is serious about: sacrificial love and it starts small,” Williams said.

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