Trinity graduates land great jobs

Yelena SvetleachniYelena Svetleachni graduated from Trinity in 2012 with a degree in Business, Leadership & Management. She recalls one significant class that changed her career goals.

“I actually didn't get interested in Human Resources until my senior year at Trinity. I took Dr. Karen Buehlmaier’s class on HR and loved it. Her passion for the field and in-depth knowledge intrigued me. I started an internship that January which confirmed that I wanted to pursue a career in HR and from there I moved on to Amazon,” said Svetleachni.

Now an Employee Resource Center Associate at Amazon, Svetleachni works as part of a team to support the Seattle corporate population and all of the warehouse associate population in United States.

“What I enjoy most about Amazon is that it is challenging and I am consistently learning and growing,” said Svetleachni. “Amazon has a high hiring bar so the people that work there want to be there and all work hard.”

Svetleachni encourages students to network as much as they can.

“Most companies, Amazon included, prefer to hire candidates through referrals. I would also encourage students to find internships in what they want to do, it’s a great way to gain experience before you graduate,” she said.

She also suggests job seekers research the companies they hope to work for, recommending websites like to provide an inside scoop on interview questions and what companies are looking for. “I am the youngest person in my team and have the least experience but I studied Amazon and convinced them I had the qualities necessary to get the job done,” said Svetleachni.

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