Who knew?

Trinity’s impressive faculty will astonish you with their quality and dedication to students

Our faculty will impress you.

Trinity professors bring a wealth of experience to their teaching.

At Trinity, we believe in the importance of personalized relationships with your professors. All classes are face to face, where small groups of students and teachers interact, listen, discuss and learn together. Faculty teach all our classes.

Here, not only will you study with professors trained at Oxford or Yale, your teachers are also practitioners who excel in their respective fields. Plus, our faculty are devoted to giving you the personal attention you need to grow, learn and thrive.

What our students say

"My professor is always available to answer questions from students, even if they seem unending. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question off the top of his head, he will work until he finds the answer, then hunt you down and explain what he learned. He genuinely cares for each of his students; they are not just names or faces passing by. He takes the time to get to know each one of his students and remembers more details about their lives and aspirations than anyone could ever expect.”
—Business Student about Dr. Stuart Webber, Professor of Business, Leadership & Management

“My professor displays a genuine concern for us as individuals and consistently goes above and beyond what is required of her. As an adviser and teacher, she adeptly balances encouragement and criticism, drawing the best from her students at every stage while spreading her authentic passion for learning.”
—First Year Student about Annemarie Russell, Lecturer in English

These are some examples of what we mean:

  • Each spring at the May board meeting, faculty and board members pray for each Trinity graduate by name.
  • Faculty in our Children, Youth & Family Studies program regularly invite their students to dinner at one of their homes, helping facilitate personal and professional connections.
  • Students in Trinity’s Dean’s Circle have class each week in the Academic Dean’s living room, sharing a meal and engaging in Socratic-style dialogue.
  • The chair of the Communications department awards each of his graduates a personal gift: a journal with a personally inscribed message inside the cover.

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