Psychology Student Highlights

What our students say

Judith Ortiz

“The individual mentoring I receive from faculty in the Psychology department and the opportunities to participate in projects and research are helping equip me to lead a successful professional career when I graduate.”

—Judith Ortiz is a junior from Kent, Wash.

Sam Smith

“My relationship with my faculty advisor was instrumental in preparing me for graduate school. Confidence is key in applying for, and being successful in, graduate programs. Dr. Little has helped me become more confident in my abilities as a student and a future professional in the fi eld of psychology.”

—Sam Smith (‘13) is now earning his Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) at George Fox University.

What our graduates are doing

Nathan Iverson has been accepted to the Ph.D. program at SPU for Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He is our first doctoral candidate ever!

Christina Garber has been accepted to the School Psychology program at Central Washington.

Kyle Williams has been accepted to present original research at the Western Psychological Association Conference in San Fran in April. He is examining the effect of priming on implicit racial attitudes. This is the first time a student has presented original research at a major conference.

Rachael Simmons is completing her Senior Thesis on the deconstruction of Serial Killer Profiling techniques. She is examining the impact of Ted Bundy and how he, with a few researchers, have shaped how profiles are created. She posits that this base knowledge is insufficient for the broad-range of profiling and is looking for ways to improve current practices in the criminology field.