Graphic Design & Visual Communications Courses

ARTD 101 Exploration of Art [2]
This ExplorationThis class connects students to the local arts community by helping engage in three distinct artistic media and styles, and then facilitating reflection and dialog in a seminar with peers and a faculty facilitator. Material fees may apply.

ARTD 102 2D and 3D Foundations [2]
The way humanity structures every object we create—from newspapers to buildings—reveals a great deal about our hopes, needs, and presumptions. We’ll explore how the fundamentals of harmony, hierarchy, balance, depth, and other elements of design can give us the tools to create layouts and objects that are both useful and meaningful.

ARTD 103 Photography and Image Framing [2]
With the advent of digital photography we now live in a world that is generating more photos per day than any one person could even hope to see in a lifetime. But what are the basic elements of a strong image? How can we choose images that most appropriately meet the needs of a given project or task? And how does the role of cropping and context radically change the experience of a photo?

ARTD 201 Christianity and the Arts [2]
Explores the historical and biblical use of the arts, the unique characteristics of each art medium (visual, literature, drama, music, and dance), the concept of creativity, aesthetics and criteria, and the use of arts in contemporary culture. Suggests and questions definitions of “Christian” art and challenges students to apply their artistic talents to their ministry, worship, and daily life-styles. Making representations of the world around us has fascinated humanity throughout all of history. Even the detached objectivity that photography has offered us hasn’t suppressed our need for drawings and illustrations. Explore the unique value of illustration in a hands-on process using traditional media.

VCOM 203 Typography [2]
The quiet and powerful artform of shaping the very letters that form our written language has experienced an explosion of activity with the introduction of computers. Explore both readability and tone as we look at the elements that add up to exquisite—or disastrous—typefaces.

VCOM 207 Digital Design Tools [4]
Fundamentals of digital design software programs are explored. Fundamental design principles for print layout, website creation and typography will be addressed while mastering techniques used extensively in the digital design industry.

VCOM 353 Graphic Design [4]
Graphic Design is the unique blending of words and pictures, color and lines, which come together to form almost all of the content we encounter in print or on a screen. Introduction to contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, color theory, and grid systems. Using both traditional media and the Adobe Creative Suite, explore common design tasks from designing billboards to websites.