Graphic Design & Visual Communications

Visual Communications

What is it?

Graphic Design & Visual Communications prepares students to create, understand, and interpret elements of our visual culture. It involves exciting subjects such as illustration, filmmaking, art and graphic design.

Look around: Every image, film, or graphic you see is layered with meaning. Most take visual messages for what they see on the surface, but visual designers know that images convey multiple layers of meaning. Highlights of our program include the following:

  • Attend intimate class sizes with award winning and highly accomplished faculty
  • Explore design theories to inform your use of cutting-edge technologies
  • Engage fellow students and faculty in critical analysis of visual representation
  • Learn to apply aesthetic theories to practical issues through our Living-Learning Community model
  • Develop lifelong friendships with passionate students and join networks that will last a lifetime

Graphic Design & Visual Communications at Trinity

Trinity understands the importance of balancing the theoretical and “big picture” understanding with the skills to apply what we learn to professions in the church, popular culture, business, and politics. Our Visual Communication students attend to foundational concepts (in courses such as Image Framing and Drawing & Illustration), then go beyond to important interpretative questions. We study aesthetics, learning how principles of color, light, and dimension contribute to the larger “picture.” We train students to be digitally literate, adapting skills to survive and thrive in our new era.

Settling for basic digital competencies in one software platform isn’t our style. We encourage our students to think outside any particular software box and discover ways to design and digitize messages that are responsive to changing times, contexts, and technologies. We challenge each other through collaborative team assignments, vigorous debates, and discussion about the most recent technological advances.

What degree will I get?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Visual Communications.

Note that some programs offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Science. Our degree—a Bachelor of Arts—signifies that our graduates are well rounded, prepared with both technical know-how, but also the kind of creative, critical, and leadership skills that will empower you to see production projects through from start to finish.

What can I do with it?

Many graduates will go on to become digital designers or work in advertising; some will use their rich training to assist their communities, corporations, and churches as interior designers, publishers, web designers, magazine editors, artists, photographers, and filmmakers.

Program Faculty

Led by department chair, Ryan Torma, our dedicated faculty mentors will expose you to myriad visual design theories. You will engage a diverse faculty with doctorates from top notch communications programs, and practitioners who have won awards (including multiple Emmys) for their work in the business community, media organizations such as KOMO, television, and Adobe Systems Incorporated. Our small class sizes result in relationships forged with caring professors that will last a lifetime. The networks our faculty can connect you with are invaluable.

Resume-building internships

The art and business community in Everett is on the move. Our students have the opportunity to serve in internships at places such as the Schack Art Center, local professional sports teams, and KRKO radio. Many of the jobs and internships are within walking distance from the Campus Center.

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