Graphic Design & Visual Communications

Graphic Design & Visual Communications at Trinity

Create Solutions. Tell Stories. Design for Good.

Trinity’s Graphic Design & Visual Communications major prepares students to create, understand, and interpret elements of our visual culture.

What makes it distinct?

An emphasis on “Designing for Good.” One of the trademarks of the Graphic Design & Visual Communications major at Trinity is the development of designers who are committed and trained to make a positive difference in the world and within organizations. They design to encourage and support human and global flourishing.

Focus on integrative thinking. Trinity graduates are design and visual communication generalists who thrive in small and medium-sized organizations. They are integrative thinkers with broad skills, people who help lead change on some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Unique Learning Environment. With small classes taught by professors, each student is welcomed into a rich community of varied backgrounds and histories. Students work one-on-one with professors, developing relationships, experience and internships that help them and their communities thrive.

What do Trinity graduates do with a degree in Graphic Design & Visual Communications?
  • Become a digital designer
  • Work in advertising or publishing
  • Design for the web
  • Edit and design a magazine
  • Be a photographer
  • Tell a story through video
  • Go on to a graduate program or design school
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