Center for Community Engagement


The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is at the heart of Trinity’s commitment to be active partners with our neighbors in Everett and Snohomish County.

The CCE fosters relationships with community partners that connect service opportunities with student academic learning. We believe these contexts allow students to cultivate values of servant leadership; make connections between academics and practical experiences; explore vocational and career options; and encounter God who is active in the world.

Service Learning Practicum

The Service Learning Practicum (SLP) program provides Trinity students with the opportunity to earn college credit while serving 3-5 hours per week with an approved community partner. Placement options include tutoring middle school students, assisting in a preschool classroom, visiting nursing home residents, serving meals in a shelter, leading youth Bible studies, and more.

Information for Community Partners:
Community Partner Criteria and Application (DOC) - complete electronically and email or mail
Community Partner Criteria and Application (PDF) - print, complete, and mail
Community Partner Guide (PDF) - includes Site Mentor Evaluation

Posting Volunteer Service Opportunities

Local organizations are invited to share information about volunteer opportunities open to Trinity students. Complete the form below and return it with any additional information, brochures, or flyers that further describe the organization or service opportunity. Interested students will contact the organization directly.

Community Service Opportunity (DOC) – complete electronically and return
Community Service Opportunity (PDF) – print, complete, and return

Practicum and Internships

Most degree programs at Trinity require a practicum or internship as part of course requirements, generally during the junior or senior year. Organizations interested in serving as potential internships sites should contact the appropriate department chair directly for information. See a list of program faculty.

Posting Employment Opportunities

For more information about posting part- or full-time positions for our students, visit our Student/Alumni Job Board page. To honor student privacy and federal laws, the college does not provide student contact information to prospective employers.

Speakers and Consultants

A number of Trinity faculty serve as resource persons for organizations in their areas of expertise. For a list of potential guest speakers, workshop leaders, or consultants, see the Trinity Speakers Bureau.