College Bound

Your College Bound Scholarship goes farther at Trinity!

Compare your College Bound Aid Award at Trinity to other private four-year colleges in WashingtonThe College Bound Scholarship provides college funding for Washington State students and families who may not otherwise be able to attend college because of cost. Low-income middle school students in the state of Washington who sign a pledge by July 30 of their 8th grade year are eligible. These students promise to graduate from high school, demonstrate good citizenship and seek admission to a college or university for post-secondary education.

The amount of the scholarship is based on tuition rates at Washington public colleges and universities and covers the amount of public college/university tuition and fees not covered by other state financial aid awards, plus $500 for books. The College Bound award for the 2014-15 academic year is $11,904.

Trinity Lutheran College is an EXCELLENT choice for College Bound students, since your money likely goes farther here than at other more expensive private colleges in the state due to our affordable tuition. When you add your College Bound scholarship to a Pell Grant (most College Bound students also qualify) and a Trinity Grant of up to 40% tuition, you can see that for many College Bound students, their total aid package covers ALL tuition and fees for an academic year.

Most College Bound students at Trinity also qualify for a Trinity Grant of up to 40% tuition ($11,296), which is stackable with the College Bound and Pell Grant awards.

If a student receives the maximum Trinity Grant along with both the College Bound Award and Pell Grant, the cost of tuition is FULLY COVERED at Trinity!

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The Trinity Promise: A program for College Bound Scholarship recipients at Trinity

Students who qualify have their tuition costs covered completely with grants!


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