Future Students FAQ

Whatever your questions about Trinity Lutheran College, you'll likely find the answer below, or by visiting one of the links mentioned on this page. Don't see your question? Email us at Admissions@TLC.edu.

Q: I want to take a tour of Trinity. How do I set that up?
We have scheduled visit days with campus tours that you can participate in or you can set up a customized visit on a day you choose. Click here to sign up for a visit.

Q: You say Trinity is a small school. How small is small?
We’re intentionally small with about 225 students. Our average class size is 10 students. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1. At Trinity your professor knows you by your name, not your ID number. Because of our size, you benefit from personalized mentoring, helping you discover how your strengths, gifts and talents intersect with a career.

Q: How can I get in touch with an Admissions counselor?
You can contact us via email at admissions@TLC.edu or by phone at 425.249.4800. Click here for an online introduction to our admissions team.

Q: What programs do you offer?
Trinity offers over 40 areas of study within ten majors. Click here to view the list. Keep in mind that most of our majors allow you to customize your study toward your future career goals.

Q:  How do I apply to Trinity?
The best way to apply is online. It’s free. Click here to get started.

Q: When will acceptance notices be sent out?
Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a decision within 2-3 weeks.

Q: What do you look at when evaluating an application?
The Office of Admissions reviews applications on an individual basis. Our counselors evaluate applications based on grade point average, transcript patterns, standardized test scores and personal statements. However, we look at individual students as a whole and not just as number or a score. Your application, which includes a personal statement and possibly letters of recommendation, is an opportunity for us to get to know you as an individual. We know that every student has something unique to offer, which is why we review and value all materials that you submit during the application process.

Q: How important are my SAT and ACT scores?
Trinity requires either the ACT or SAT as a college entrance examination but keep in mind that we consider all aspects of your application, not just your test score.

Q: What are Trinity’s school codes for the SAT and ACT?
Trinity’s code for the SAT is 4408 and ACT is 4453.

Q. Can I earn credit at Trinity by taking Advanced Placement (AP) Exams?
Yes, if you earn a score of 3 or higher on your AP exam, the course will count as college level credits.

Q: I am currently in the military and am planning to apply to Trinity. Can I use the Post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for college?
Yes, Trinity is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. We accept transfer and military credits. Apply for your benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill with the Department of Veteran Affairs and apply to Trinity using our online application. Click here for more details about the Yellow Ribbon Program at Trinity.

Q: Can I use my Running Start Credits? Does that make me a transfer student?
High school students with Running Start credits at the time of application are considered first-time students. Click here for the application instructions. Running Start students must meet Trinity's first year admission standards. Running Start credits are accepted as transfer credits based on the receipt of official academic transcripts from the community colleges attended.

Q: I want to transfer to Trinity. Do I need to finish my AA first? How do I transfer my credits?
You can transfer at any time – no AA required. You'll need to have your transcripts sent to Trinity. Click here for transfer application instructions.

Q: How much is tuition?
Trinity has one of the lowest tuition rates of all private colleges in the state. We also provide exceptional financial aid packages and scholarships. Click here to view the current tuition rates.

Q: Is financial aid available?
Yes. Over 95% of our students last year received some kind of financial aid. To be considered for need based aid, your FAFSA must be on file with our Office of Financial Aid. You can apply directly online at www.fafsa.gov. Remember to include Trinity's school code 013525. Financial aid files that are completed by March 1 will receive priority consideration for scholarships, awards and grants.

Q: Does Trinity offer merit scholarships?
Yes, Trinity Lutheran College offers merit-based scholarships for new students and transfer students. As a candidate for admission, an applicant will automatically be considered for these awards upon acceptance to the college. Click here to learn more about scholarships.

Q: Is there campus housing?
Trinity offers campus housing in two vintage style apartment buildings. That’s right. You get a real apartment with a full bathroom and kitchen, just a short walk from classes. Click here for more information and floor plans.