Readmission to Trinity Lutheran College

If you have been un-enrolled at Trinity for two or more semesters, you must apply for readmission using the Application for Readmission.

The Office of Admissions will complete an internal readmission evaluation, which includes a transcript evaluation (if you have attended other institutions), plus evaluations from departments such as Student Accounts, Program Departments and Registrar to determine whether you are in good standing at the college. An on-campus interview may also be required.

If you have been un-enrolled for fewer than two semesters, you should contact our Registrar for readmission. Although you will not be required to formally apply for readmission, the Office of Admissions will complete the internal readmission evaluation described above.

Application Information

Students need to be readmitted to Trinity Lutheran College if they:

  • Have attended, but have not earned a bachelor's degree from Trinity Lutheran College
  • Are no longer a current/active student and/or have not attended Trinity Lutheran College two or more semesters.

Readmission applications are only valid for the semester indicated on application.

If you have attended any other colleges or universities during this time, you are required to submit an official transcript from each school you attended.

Courses completed at other institutions may be transferred upon review from the Registrar's Office.

Application for Readmission