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A Homecoming Interpretation

If someone were to ask to describe Homecoming, many of us would initially think of our high school homecoming dance and all the fond and generally awkward associated memories. We look back and shake our head at the puffy sleeved dress or the crazy hair style we wore.  Homecoming of course literally means, “coming home,” and usually applies to an annual event at a high school or college, but what does that mean if you graduated in 1950 from the LBI Greenwood Campus which no longer exists?

I have observed and been told that one of the most encouraging and beautiful characteristics LBI and Trinity alumni have carried over the years is a sense of being part of a family. We hear over and over how Trinity/LBI has a special place in the hearts of those who attended. As a part of the greater Trinity family we would love to reconnect with you and hear about your life journey, and see how we as a family can better support you.

We invite alumni from all different ages, different denominations, and various campuses to join us Saturday, Oct. 24, to celebrate God’s goodness in our lives, and how LBI/Trinity has been so important in forming many of our futures. We hope that in attending this year’s Homecoming you will leave with the feeling that home is not merely just a physical location but a place where you can reconnect, be encouraged, and know that you are part of the greater Trinity family.

Our registration is up and we invite you to take yet another peak at the Trinity Homecoming website page as we many new additions. Homecoming will boast a full day of activities such as: a tailgate style lunch at Trinity, breakout sessions (Pat Lelvis, Bruce Grisby, and Erik Samuelson), campus tours, and an afternoon full of reconnecting and fun memories. If you have specific questions about Homecoming please do contact me at or 425.249.4758. We look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Cherisse Webb
Development & Alumni Relations Administrator | 425.249.4758  

Alumna Spotlight: Ryan and Heather Ingersoll

Our Alumni Spotlight of the month is none other than Ryan and Heather Ingersoll. Both graduates of Trinity and both are such delightful individuals. Ryan is currently working at Seattle Pacific University as the Head of Library Technology and Heather is now chair of Professor and Chair of the Early Childhood Education program here at Trinity. Our team is so excited to have Heather on board as she offers such great insight. The Ingersoll’s also recently welcomed their first child, Theodore Clive Henri Ingersoll on 8/8/2015. Congrats Ingersoll’s! I hope you enjoy catching up with the Ingersoll’s as you continue reading.

Homecoming 2015

Oct. 24, 2015

We're thrilled to invite you to save the date for October 24, 2015, for our first annual Homecoming! Coming together is a beautiful thing; especially when it is for the purpose of fellowship, fun and festivities. Click here for details.

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