Trinity Speakers Bureau

Trinity’s faculty are experts in their respective fields of study, as well as engaging and informative speakers and group leaders. They are available to your church, civic group, or organization as speakers, workshop leaders, trainers, or consultants in the areas described below.

Availability, scheduling, and any financial consideration is at the discretion of each faculty member.

Available Resource Persons

Dr. Michael DeLashmutt
Academic Dean

  • Theology and popular culture (film, media, technology, etc.)
  • The Church in a Secular Age
  • The history of Christianity in Great Britain
  • Theological education
  • Leadership within academic institutions

Rev. Dr. David Ellingson
Professor of Children, Youth & Family Studies
Director, Children, Youth & Family Center
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  • Creation care and environmental stewardship
  • Paddle Pilgrimage (first-hand account of kayaking the entire Mississippi River)
  • Long-term coaching for congregational youth and family ministry
  • Biblical and theological foundations for faith formation
  • Youth and family-friendly worship
  • Creating family faith rituals
  • Spirituality and youth ministry
  • Technology and multimedia use in ministry
  • Health and wholeness

Beth Elness-Hanson
Professor & Chair of Biblical Studies
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Bible Teaching

  • Connecting with God through the Psalms (1 to 5 sessions)
  • How in the World Do We Interpret Old Testament Law? Discussions on Torah (1 or 2 sessions)
  • Will the Real Messiah Please Stand Up?!? Expectations of the Messiah (1 session)
  • Good News for Anxious Christians: The Theology of the Cross Brings New Life
  • Sub-themes of the theology of the cross speaking into theodicy, spirituality, and discernment. (1-4 sessions)
  • Who is Your God? Why the Bible Matters (1 or 2 sessions)

Practical Ministry

  • Words of Eternal Life: Faithful Bible Study Methods (5 to 10 sessions)
  • Best Practices of Small Group Bible Study (1-5 sessions)
  • Praying with Color: A Vibrant Way to Pray (1 session)
  • Walking by Faith: The Journey of Discernment (1 session)

Cross-cultural Mission

  • What is the World is God Doing? The Expansion of the Global Christian Movement (1 session)
  • Human Being Versus Human Doing: Transforming Congregational Mission Teams into Pilgrimages (1 session)
  • Understanding “Cultural Intelligence” to Better Communicate Cross-Culturally (1 session)
  • Educating Girls for Life: A Missionary’s Journey of Teaching in Africa (1 session)

Susan Houglum
Professor & Chair of Early Childhood Education
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  • Designing natural outdoor spaces for children
  • The importance of PLAY in a child’s life
  • Congregational children’s ministry
  • Raising children of faith
  • Intergenerational ministries
  • Planning and evaluating effective Christian education programs
  • Children, nature, and God
  • Designing learning environments for children

Mark Jackson
Professor & Chair of Children, Youth & Family Studies
Director, Center for Community Engagement
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  • Biblical and theological foundations for faith formation
  • Service learning and creating meaningful mission/service experiences
  • Long-range strategic planning for youth and family ministry
  • Historical trends and current research in youth ministry
  • Church and nonprofit management, program planning, and evaluation
  • Youth leadership training
  • Retreat and conference planning
  • Theology of medieval Gothic cathedrals

Dr. Betsi Little
Professor & Chair of Psychology
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  • Social psychology
  • Effects of nutrition on human behavior
  • Techniques for processing group interaction
  • The psychology of making decisions
  • The psychology of good and evil

Rev. Erik Samuelson, M.Div., M.A.
Campus Pastor
Director of Spiritual and Vocational Formation

  • Available for Sunday preaching and worship leadership
  • Creating a culture of call in your congregation
  • Congregation-based community organizing
  • Spirituality of young adults
  • Discover your spiritual type
  • Emerging Missional Church
  • Connecting to post-modern generations
  • Emergent worship—what and how
  • Methods for using congregational conflict for mission
  • Lutheran Confessions
  • Lutheran History
  • Reformation Era
  • Lutheranism in America

Dr. David Schulz
Professor & Chair of Communications
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