Intercultural Studies

ICUL 201 Dynamics of the Global Christian Movement [4]
Historical accounts, extensive contemporary and missiological literature provide a comprehensive introduction to the mission of the Christian church and the development of the church in Asia, Africa, Latin America from varied perspectives. Study includes the political, cultural, ideological, spiritual, and relational dynamics that have influenced the historical spread of Christianity and shape the continuing mission enterprise of today’s global church, as well as the vocational calling of missionaries.

ICUL 202 Perspectives of the Global Christian Movement [3]
A biblical, historical and cultural analysis of the impact of the world Christian movement, with specific attention given to the strategy and the imperative of bringing the gospel to groups that have yet to initially receive it.

ICUL 211 Encountering Religions & Belief Systems of the World [4]
Readings, discussions, interviews, and field experiences, introduce the cultural heritage, beliefs, practices, and sociological components of the worlds’ major religions and religious movements. Students develop appreciation and respect toward faith traditions and practitioners.

ICUL 310 Intercultural Competencies I [2]
Readings, discussions, interviews, and field experiences, introduce the cultural heritage, beliefs, practices, and sociological components of the worlds’ major religions and religious movements. Students develop appreciation and respect toward faith traditions and practitioners.

ICUL 311 Intercultural Competencies II [2]
Building on foundations established in Intercultural Competencies I, explores the cultural understandings and ministry skills required for intercultural evangelism and to facilitate contextual faith communities. Methodologies of evangelism, church planting, and development are analyzed with focus on cultural variations in organization, social roles, social change, and decision-making. Gain skills to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ interculturally. Prerequisite: ICUL 310 or instructor approval.

ICUL 320 Perspectives on Urban Ministry [4]
The Everett community is our classroom, introducing us to the benefits and challenges of urban life. Explore the trends facing increasing urbanization globally, and the opportunities for ministry. Engage the biblical and faith community resources for outreach and justice in the city.

ICUL 330 Language and Cultural Immersion Experience [4]
This EPIC term course involves the global learning experience. Language and culture learning through personal encounters, exposure to evangelistic and development organizations, and adventurous engagement with the history, culture, and spirituality of the region. Offerings vary; including Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

ICUL 350 Lavik Lecture on Cross-Cultural Evangelism [1]
The Verne Lavik Lectureship in Cross-cultural Evangelism was established by the family of Verne Lavik in 1984 to provide for education and training in communicating the gospel across cultural barriers. Up to two lecturers a year are brought to campus to facilitate two-day weekend workshops.

ICUL 380 Intercultural Ministries Practicum [4]
Combining classroom discussions with on-site experiences under the guidance of a supervisor, focus on leadership and skills for intercultural ministry. Five to eight hours per week of hands-on experience within a congregation, agency, or non-profit organization setting that is relevant to chosen concentration and approved by the department. Using the site as a “working lab” provides guided learning in the areas of time management, communication, conflict management, office administration, and other organizational capacities. May be taken as CYFS 380

ICUL 382 Internship Preparation [1]
Provides the supervised logistical and academic preparation required for those who plan to fulfill an intercultural internship. Among the tasks addressed are securing a suitable internship site and supervisor, preparing an internship proposal and contract, planning for required traveling, compiling information regarding the ministry context, and developing a methodology and literature base for the related research topic.

ICUL 398 Special Topics [1-4]
Offers special occasional opportunities to explore topics in the discipline, often with an expert in the field from outside the college.

ICUL 399 Directed Study [1-4]
Offers opportunity to study, research, and analyze, and integrate a subject of personal interest. Readings and projects are selected and facilitated under the direction of the professor. Submit an independent study proposal for approval by the professor and the academic dean before registering.

ICUL 411 Mission Theory, Strategies, and Practice [4]
Combining a survey of current literature and case studies, explore the socio-cultural, political, economic, and spiritual principles and practices of various mission strategies on both macro- and micro-levels within intercultural and/or urban settings. With an emphasis on holistic models which incorporate the proclamation of the Gospel with justice advocacy, development, and human care ministries, examine methods and strategies which empower residents, work for justice, and envision the reign of God.

ICUL 450 Biblical Theology of Mission [2]
A mission-focused survey of Scripture provides the framework to engage students in theological and vocational reflection that is integrated with previous coursework and internship experiences. Following a seminar format, engage God’s Word with newfound perspectives on the world, and vice versa. Research the theological and missiological import of a topic pertinent to academic and vocational interests, and also develop a personal “theology of mission.”

ICUL 480 Intercultural Internship [14]
For this semester-long internship, serve in an organization or church under the direct supervision of an on-site supervisor. Focus is direct application of previous coursework and participating in all aspects of program development and leadership within an organization that serves the local/global community. Carry out a research project designed to closely examine a specific aspect of intercultural ministry. Evaluate potential for adjusting to long-term intercultural involvement. Sites are chosen specific to academic interests and are tailored to meet particular learning objectives. Sites and on-site supervisors must meet departmental requirements and be approved by the course instructor. Prerequisites: senior status.

ICUL 490 Guided Readings [2]
Independent reading following a guideline that may include missionary biographies, mission history, mission strategy, theology, and cultural studies, with opportunities to discuss the readings with other students. Prerequisite: ICUL 201.

ICUL 499 Independent Study [1-4]
Offers opportunity to research, analyze, integrate, and present a subject of personal interest. Consent of instructor required.