Trinity graduates use their degrees to fuel their passions

Dustin McMullenSince graduation in 2012, Dustin McMullen has applied his Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Marketing towards production, direction, and innovation, first at Sierra Media and now at his own company, Dustin has organized and coordinated up to $30,000 media marketing projects with large corporate clients, innovated business proposals for new clients, and coordinated new marketing plans to track efficiency.

How did your time at Trinity prepare you to be successful in running your own business?
The Communications curriculum at Trinity teaches you about who you are as an individual, the person you portray to others, and the knowledge necessary to compete with the active work force. These stepping-stones allow you to be successful as a knowledgeable entrepreneurial leader or to help a growing business in the community. 

What influential people or experiences would you specifically credit?
David Schulz, Professor & Chair of Communications, for the guidance, communication knowledge, and passion to see each student succeed by having them involved in individually selected internships.

Professor Doug Tolmie, Affiliate Faculty in Communications, who teaches you the ability to become an effective storyteller through a process of understanding emotion, storyboarding, scripting, editing, lighting, and high definition camera operations. 

Professor Tucker Fitzgerald, Professor of Visual Communications who gives students the ability to grow as a digital designer which every student must have in today’s dynamic media market. These skills start with the importance of understanding the digital software programs used in today’s advertising community.

What advice do you have for other Trinity students hoping to start a business?
Challenge yourself with a difficult internship that allows you to grow. Use everything you were taught through your education at Trinity and figure out ways to apply these building blocks to your life. When you decide to start your own company form a LLC, get professional photographs taken, build and design a website, join every social media site out there, learn about SEO and SEM, get out into the community and shake peoples’ hands.

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