Trinity graduates go on to grad school

Sam SmithSam Smith


Graduate Program: George Fox University for their Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) program

Why Trinity: I had an opportunity through the Act Six program to pursue a four-year degree, tuition free. Small class sizes initially didn’t appealed to me, but after my first year I realized each student has a unique opportunity to become involved and make an impact in the school.

Career goal: A psychologist serving low-income and marginalized populations. Eventually, I would like to teach as well.

How has Trinity prepared you for graduate school: My relationship with Dr. Betsi Little, my faculty advisor, has been instrumental. Confidence is key in applying for, and being successful in, graduate programs. Dr. Little has helped me become more confident in my abilities as a student and a future professional in the field of psychology.

Most memorable Trinity experience: I consider every moment fruitful. It's hard to choose a "most" memorable experience at Trinity. But, when I look back at my time, I will remember how I have developed as a student, a man, an African American, a believer in Jesus Christ, and a consumer of information.

Brooke CarrollBrooke Carroll

Business & Communications

Graduate Program: MBA at George Fox University

Why Trinity: The professors I knew I would work with. I was considering a lot of different options but I felt like even before I was a student, I was getting more attention from professors at Trinity than from other schools.

Career Goal: After earning my MBA, I plan to go to Law School. My ultimate goal is to work for the FBI in missing persons or get involved in the fight to stop human trafficking. 

How has Trinity prepared you for graduate school: The attention that I received from my professors, namely Dr. David Schulz (Communications) and Dr. Stuart Weber (Business) has been irreplaceable. I didn’t know how well prepared I was until I walked into the group interview at George Fox and realized "I can do this.”

Most memorable Trinity experience: The twelve days I spent in Italy and Greece during January Term this past year. I learned so much about culture, religion and people in general. I will always look back on that trip and wish I could experience it again.

Kyna Moore

Kyna Moore

Communications & Visual Communications

Graduate Program: M.A. in Communications from The University of Denver (Colorado)

Why Trinity: Getting into the Dean’s Circle scholarship program and knowing that Trinity was well equipped to challenge me academically made the decision to come to Trinity an easy choice. 

Career Goal: I plan to pursue a Ph.D program in the U.K. after I complete my masters. I want to pursue teaching at the college level, as well as become a documentary filmmaker. 

How has Trinity prepared you for graduate school: The academic rigor of the communications department, as well as the challenges of Dean’s Circle, have prepared me well for my graduate program. After visiting the graduate program and sitting in on some classes, I am thankful I have taken courses such as Research Methods and the Advanced Video Production—courses that have specifically prepared me for courses at DU.

Most memorable Trinity experience: One of my most memorable experiences at Trinity was getting to attend the Northwest Academy of Television Arts and Sciences annual awards gala. I produced a video project that was nominated for a student award by the organization that hosts the regional Emmy awards. This awards ceremony was for all the local TV producers. It was an unforgettable evening sitting at a table next to the top news anchors in Washington State, and representing Trinity at the Gala.

Amin Lemrini

Amin Lemrini

Communications & Visual Communications

Graduate Program: Double Master’s degree in Science Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management through the University of Stirling (Scotland) and Lund University (Sweden)

Career Goal: My main goal in life is to interact with people in various ways. Simply drive people towards a common goal, and also provide motivation for them to achieve their own goals through various good communication approaches and leadership with experience from different cultures, languages and perspectives to gain maximum results for each individual.

How has Trinity prepared you for graduate school: Intensive communication courses including Research Methods, Capstone, Public Relations, Persuasive Messages, as well as the interaction with faculty and the admissions office.

Most memorable Trinity experience: My first semester, Spring 2011, when I received my first evaluation from Dr. David Schulz (Communications) in a public speaking class. He wrote that he believed in me, and I had it in me, but I needed to practice. That set the bar for the rest of my college years.

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